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Versace On The Floor

Over the holidays, a friend asked me, “Alam mo yung Versace On The Floor ni Bruno Mars? Ang ganda nung song na ‘yun.” Being that person who sings songs but does not take the time to know the titles, I simply answered, “Hindi. ‘Maya kantahin mo para malaman ko.” So when my friend sang this, I told myself, “Ah yun pala title nun.”

Here’s the song for your reference.

By simply listening to it, one would think that the song is simply about a couple making out. Who wouldn’t? There’s this line, “take it off for me, for me, for me, for me now, girl” that gives this idea all the way.

However, thinking about this more could lead to the realization that the song is a metaphor. In the song, the singer (which I assumed is a guy) is asking the girl (who wears the Versace) to be her true self. In essence, the Versace dress represents the woman’s beautiful facade that the singer does not want to see anymore. It could be the woman’s pretensions to make the man like her more. More than the pretty sight, the singer wants to know what’s beneath and what’s truly in the heart of the woman wearing the Versace. Moreover, the woman might be too conscious of herself, so the singer assures her by stating, “No don’t be afraid to show it off/ I’ll be right here ready to hold you/ Girl you know you’re perfect from/ Your head down to your heels.” The song is also a metaphor for going deeper into the relationship. The couple is already passed the stage of physical attraction and is ready for more, which the line “Oh, seems like you’re ready for more, more, more” supports.

What do you think about the song? Is it just about making out? Or does it symbolizes something more? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section. 🙂