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What is Love?

Love is a commitment. I know this for a fact. I’ve been married for five years now, and I would be lying if I say that in each day of the five years I have loved my husband the same. Some days I really feel like I’m his queen and that I’ll love him for all eternity. Then there are some days when I just want to leave him and be alone with myself. But love is not about what I am feeling. If I’d based the definition of love on feelings, then my husband and I would no longer be husband and wife a long time ago, and Cinnamon would no longer has a family she could call her own. Instead, love is a commitment.  It is a commitment to be with one another in the good times and the bad. It is a commitment, whether we’re sweet with each other or we’re throwing arguments, we would still be together at the end of the day. Feelings make our hearts flutter when we’re in love, but commitment is the glue that links and makes the two people who make each other’s heart flutter stick together. Find and strengthen that glue in your marriage.


Versace On The Floor

Over the holidays, a friend asked me, “Alam mo yung Versace On The Floor ni Bruno Mars? Ang ganda nung song na ‘yun.” Being that person who sings songs but does not take the time to know the titles, I simply answered, “Hindi. ‘Maya kantahin mo para malaman ko.” So when my friend sang this, I told myself, “Ah yun pala title nun.”

Here’s the song for your reference.

By simply listening to it, one would think that the song is simply about a couple making out. Who wouldn’t? There’s this line, “take it off for me, for me, for me, for me now, girl” that gives this idea all the way.

However, thinking about this more could lead to the realization that the song is a metaphor. In the song, the singer (which I assumed is a guy) is asking the girl (who wears the Versace) to be her true self. In essence, the Versace dress represents the woman’s beautiful facade that the singer does not want to see anymore. It could be the woman’s pretensions to make the man like her more. More than the pretty sight, the singer wants to know what’s beneath and what’s truly in the heart of the woman wearing the Versace. Moreover, the woman might be too conscious of herself, so the singer assures her by stating, “No don’t be afraid to show it off/ I’ll be right here ready to hold you/ Girl you know you’re perfect from/ Your head down to your heels.” The song is also a metaphor for going deeper into the relationship. The couple is already passed the stage of physical attraction and is ready for more, which the line “Oh, seems like you’re ready for more, more, more” supports.

What do you think about the song? Is it just about making out? Or does it symbolizes something more? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section. 🙂

Nobody, nobody, but you

For a person who works with a laptop five days a week and almost eight hours a day, I fall short in understanding how this machine really works aside from MS word and the occasional use of Google Chrome, but every time there’s a glitch, you’re always there ready to fix. You’re always there to answer my question why the Internet is slow, why my Mac does this and that, and why there are pop ups everywhere. You’ve extended your aid to constantly updating my laptop, cleaning it, and checking it up. Most of the times you are also my run-to-guy whenever my phone does not charge or why my phone hangs. Listing these things up made me chuckle a bit. I thought that between the two of us, I’m the one you could not live without (because haller and ganda ko lang char), but now I ask myself, “Where would I be without you?” Who would call PLDT and berate them about the slow connection? Who would download updates and wait for them to finish loading in my laptop? Who would answer my questions about how and why this and that don’t work? And who would tell me from time to time to rest and not be too hard on myself? Nobody, nobody, but you.


Some of the Odd Bright Sides of Alzheimer’s Disease

They say we should always look at the brighter side of things. And I say, “why not?” Why not if it means getting all of the positivities, right? I’m not really sure if I can pull this off without offending some people, but I just came to a wild realization that being sick could be beneficial, too, in many ways we could not imagine.

For example, a person could have Alzheimer’s disease, which is a “progressive mental deterioration that can occur in middle or old age, due to generalized degeneration of the brain. It is the most common cause of premature senility” (Thanks, Google!). I don’t have a very deep understanding of this topic, so let’s just settle to the general idea of being forgetful.
To many, this may seem very unfortunate, but let’s try to see its good sides. Shall we?
05. You never have to watch reruns on television. Every episode would be new because you’d forget what each is about!

Oh look Ted meets Robin. THE NEXT DAY. Wow! Ted meets Robin!

04. You are always meeting new people. 

Hi, my name is John. How are you? THE NEXT DAY. Hi, are you new here? I’m John.

03. You don’t have to remember the whines and complaints of other people. Do  you feel stressed or affected after hearing bad news or friends whining and complaining? Say no more!

02. You can hide your own Easter eggs. I think I will go to hell for this. I’m so sorry.

01. Mysteries are always interesting. This to me is the top because who does not love exploring, right? Everyday something new is surely brewing! Everyday something would tickle the mind and the curiosity!

So there you go. My attempt to look at the brighter side of Alzheimer’s disease. Ta-ta!

Three Things I’ve Learned from my Daughter’s Day Care Experience

I wrote this last year, and since pasukan again tomorrow, I think it’s timely to finally share this!

Cinnamon has been attending the day care since June, and since then, I have come to many realizations, and here are the top three:

1. Day care is the first ultimate test of a child’s independence and the parents’ patience.

During the first week of the class, all parents were allowed to accompany their kids inside the premises of the day care. All kids, including my daughter, were new to the place, and the presence of the parents made this a bit lighter. On the third day of classes, parents were asked not to join their kids anymore, and this was when things started to get crazy.

Most kids did not want to enter without their parents, of course this included my daughter. We had to endure the pasok sa classroom – labas si mommy/daddy – after a few second lalabas si baby, umiiyak scene over and over again until one party was tired and gave up. These kids were just twos and threes (age), and perhaps that moment were their first time to be on their own (even when the parents were just outside the room!) Some parents would scold their kids. Some parents would threat saying, “Si hinde ka entra, rabya si teacher!” Some parents would bribe: “Kumpra yo Jolibee lego.” And some, which includes us, would stare, sigh, and beg, “Sige naaa… Pumasok ka na duuuunnn…”

2. It pays to condition your kid about going to school.

Because of the third day hullabaloo, Edison (my husband) and I decided that we would talk to Cinnamon about school every chance we get at home. We would simply tell her, “What will you do tomorrow? Go to school, right?” Then she would say “Yes!” We would also say, “Tomorrow you’ll go inside with Teacher Noemi, okay?” “Okay, Mommy,” she’d reply.

With these small talks, we were able to condition her, and with God’s grace, she now enters the room alone and stays there! 🙂

3. Discipline is not the day care’s primary role; it is the parents’. They are just for help.

In her one month stay in the day care, we’ve seen all sorts of brat kids. Not that I loathe them (sometimes the brattiness could be really funny and cute), but it speaks volume about the kid and the manner of raising them. I’m not here to say that my kid is better than the others because at some points, she’s not, but I’m here to say that the day care is not where discipline begins because when they get there, they should have the idea of what it is, which should be done by the parents at home.

Day care is already the avenue to showcase the discipline, and this is only the place that would hone this through teaching them how to interact with other kids and the teachers.

Overall, our first month day care experience has been amusing, and we’re glad we decided to enroll Cinnamon. Not only does the day care made me realize these, it also helped my daughter get along with other people, which we believe would be helpful for her socialization. 🙂

Happy Independence Day!

I’m an independent woman, and there are points in my life that I would tell myself, “Nothing was given to me. All that I have, my work, my car, the things I get to enjoy, and the places I get to visit, are all fruits of my labor.” Sometimes, I take pride knowing this. Other times, I loathe the fact that there’s no one to hand me things I want– that my work and sacrifice are often required. In these moments where I begin to question “Why?” I am met with the gentle truth that there are many things in my life that were given albeit not entertaining they may be for me- my education was given, my family was given, my strength for today was given, and my family’s good health is always always given. Indeed, gratefulness does not come from having what I want. It isn’t also about wanting what I have. It is the sheer fact of appreciating the little things that no one, not even me, but life and God hand to me.