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Iconic Sunglasses

The word “iconic” (icon·ic) is an adjective that refers to something that is widely known and acknowledged. Examples of this could be iconic voice, such as Mariah Carey for singers or Morgan Freeman for narrators. This idea transcends in fashion, too. You have iconic hairstyle (James Dean’s slick back), dress (Angelina Jolie’s black dress with high slit in The Academy Awards, 2012), and make up (Gene Simmons’). Then there are the iconic sunglasses. Yes, this humble piece of accessory has made its mark in the history, too.

Let’s begin with Oliver Goldsmith Manhattans. This was popularly worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Anyone who wears a pair of this sunglass these days could get the instant vintage chic look. The Oliver Goldsmith Manhattans come in the elegant opaque tortoiseshell, preferred by Miss Golightly (Hepburn’s character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), or an assortment of beautiful colors and patterns. Through the years, the classic frame has been also updated with high quality Zeiss lenses that provide both excellent UV protection and clarity of vision.



Who would forget the round frames that John Lennon, band member of The Beatles, pulled off in the 1970s? John Lennon’s Teashades, which is now more known as “John Lennon” glasses, which is an actual brand, are wire-framed lenses that shade the dilated pupils of the ’70s psychedelic environment. From 1970s, this style resurfaced in the early ’90s then again recently when Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Fearne Cotton and Beyonce adopted the trend.


We also have the Oakley Sunglasses, which rose to fame thanks to people’s fondness for red-blooded and Army-of-one aesthetic. Now, more and more are using Oakley Sunglasses; we can see these pairs being used by teens, soldiers, policemen, postal carriers, beachgoers, and even athletes! Why not? More than its looks, Oakley Sunglasses have made it a point to enhance its features from making seeing through their lenses better to giving more depth and definition, which heightens their adage that “Sunglasses Are Now Essential Equipment.”



In the 1950s, along with the backcombed and beehives trend, the Cat Eyes Shades came. While this first debuted as prescription lenses, it didn’t take long for it to crossover into the sunglasses territory. Since then, the sunglass has been used by many celebrities, such as actresses Reese Witherspoon and Anne Hathaway and singer Rihanna.

From 1950’s until present time, Ray-Ban Wayfarer is still known in the fashion world. While they may have sank in popularity several times in the past, they have always managed to make a comeback, which only proves its being classic in its own. Wayfarer frames are a trapezoidal shape that Ray-Ban created using the then newly invented and moldable material acetate. There is a long list of known people who have worn this, and examples are Emma Watson and Taylor Swift.

Finally, we have the aviators, which was developed by Bausch & Lomb. While Ray-Ban pioneered marketing aviator shades, there are more manufacturers nowadays that produce aviator style sunglasses, such as Saint Laurent, Gucci, Dior, and Givenchy. This sunglass with large, tinted, and reflective lenses of a modified oval shape and held in a thin metal frame has been worn by famous people in their most iconic roles, such as Tom Cruise in Top Gun and Bradley Cooper in The Hangover.

Which among these is the most iconic for you? Let me know in the comments section. 🙂



Celebrity Perfumes

The perfume business is currently a $46-billion industry, and while vanity is a top reason for this success, we can not set aside the fact that one of the individuals to be thanked for in this are the celebrities who have decided to join the bandwagon, and this eventually lead in coining the term “celebrity perfumes.”

A few years ago, celebrities are simply endorsers of different perfume brands from Chanel No.5 with Marilyn Monroe to the more current endorsements of Lady Gaga for Noir Fragrance Shorts and Gucci’s Premiere with Blake Lively. However, more recently, celebrities have started making their own perfume brands, and from the statistics we have gathered, these considerably sell well.

Ten of the most popular celebrity perfume brands, as of June 2014 as posted in, are Someday by Justin Bieber ($3 Million), Antonio by Antonio Banderas ($13.4 Million), Unforgivable by Sean John (17.2 Million), Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani ($18 Million), Fancy by Jessica Simpson ($18 Million), White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor (61.3 Million), Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna (Projected $80 Million), Curious by Britney Spears ($100 Million), Glow by JLo ($300 Million), and Heat by Beyonce ($400 Million).

While these celebrity perfume brands hold millions in sales, there has been a decline in celebrity perfume sales, reports say. Several reasons are thought to cause the decline, but a compelling one lies in the explanation of fragrance expert Michael Donovan: culture has changed.

Celebrity perfumes are primary sold for their scents, but let us not discount the fact that they sell well also because of their names. And this has been the culture for the longest time- consumers are more concerned of the brand. Whatever is known will surely get sold. However, people from the 21st century are said to be more individualistic- pursuing and celebrating individuality on every aspect possible. This is where celebrity perfumes fall short. Because celebrity perfumes are mass-produced, it is difficult to celebrate individuality when using one. Thus, more and more consumers are getting hooked on using artisan perfumes, and this, little by little, take away from the celebrity perfume’s market share.

So are celebrity perfumes worth the price? They are! They offer good scents and are actually comparable to the usual perfumes sold in the market. For instance, Someday by Justin Bieber is sold at $65, which is almost similar to Cédrat Enivrant from Atelier Cologne (30ml) and BOSS Bottled (50ml), which are both sold at $65, too.

But should you buy celebrity perfumes? It depends on you essentially. If you’re into brands, then perhaps celebrity perfumes is one of the best buys for you. Not only are these branded, these are brands made by the most famous people in the country. On the other hand, if you’re like some of our fellas who have the 21st century’s mindset of individuality, then smelling like most people, which celebrity perfumes could probably do, could be not for you, so try using those artisan perfumes instead.




Which Sunglasses Should You Wear?

Sunglasses have made its way as an official part of our daily accessories. And while there are a lot of sunnies to choose from, using the one that best suits you adds more to your overall look. So which sunglasses should you use?


First, know your face shape. There are four most common shapes: heart, round, oval, and square. If you’re unaware about your face shape, you could ask a friend, or you could trace your face using a mirror and any water-based marker. To do the second option, tie your hair making sure that you can clearly see your face. Then, face the mirror. Using your water-based marker, trace your face’s shape using your reflection seen in the mirror. Once done tracing, compare your face shape with these descriptions and find out the best sunglasses for you!

Face Shape Descriptions Sunglasses
Heart shape This shape entails having a broad forehead with pointed and narrow chin and high cheekbones. Some of the known actors with heart-shaped face are Justin Timberlake,

Ryan Gosling,

Reese Witherspoon, and the Olsen twins.


People having heart-shaped face could use retro square, cat eye, or

Sporty-framed sunglasses. This is because any frames wider on the top than the bottom compliment well the shape.



Round shape A round face includes full cheeks and rounded chin, with overall matching length and width. Known personalities with round face shape are Kirsten Dunst, Mila Kunis, Charlize Theron, Emma Stone, Kanye West, and Jack Black.


For this face shape, consider using retro square, cat eye, and square frames. Overall, pick oversized, rectangular, and angular frames because these set off the roundness of the face. You can also consider finding sunnies with strong details to divert attention from the face’s roundness to the shades, and finally nose pads to keep off cheeks, especially when smiling while wearing the shades.
Oval shape Known as the most versatile face shape, an oval shape features a face that is longer than wide; high cheekbones and chin narrower than forehead are also its attributes. Famous people having this shape are Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, and Adam Sandler.


While all frames are fine with a person with an oval-shaped face (thus its being versatile), round, aviator, and oversized frames are the best. But if you want to explore other frames, just take note to choose frame size that maintains balance, so get a sunnies that is not too big and not too small.


Square shape This face shape has a prominent jaw and broad forehead and cheekbones. Observe this shape by looking at the faces of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt,

Arnold Schwarzenegger,

Lucy Liu, and Olivia Wilde.


Since the square shape is often thought of strong, to soften its features, it is best to use round, aviator, and shield frames. You can also opt for sunnies with thinner frames and neutral colors because these flatter the angular features.

Do you agree with the ideas above? Share your thoughts about choosing shades in the comments section!


What To Know About Halal Makeup and Beauty Products

Muslims compose the second largest religious group in the world, so it follows that the demand for their needs, especially the halal products is snowballing.


So what is halal? Known to many, Islam prohibits the consumption of pork, alcohol, and blood. The products that contain one or more of these ingredients are considered as “haram” or forbidden; Muslims are not allowed to consume “haram” products. On the other hand, products that do not contain pork, alcohol, and blood are “halal” or permissible; Muslims are free to consume “halal” products.

In essence, halal makeup and beauty products are produced without any pork, alcohol, and blood ingredients. More than the ingredients, the concept of halal stresses the implication of a complete lifestyle. Thus, the concept of what constitutes a product as “halal” or “haram” goes beyond the ingredients; this includes the wrapping, manufacturing, as well as the delivery methods.

Consuming ingredients that are “haram” breaks Islamic rules. But all women, even the Muslims, need products to beautify themselves. And it would be depressing (more than discriminating) to not heed to these needs. Moreover, the necessity for makeup and beauty products among Muslim women never ceases. A report from the Saudi Arabia Halal Cosmetics Market Forecast and Opportunities 2020 supports this with their prediction that the halal beauty market would grow over 15% in the next five years. And this growth has already started as more and more cosmetic brands are venturing into making and selling halal products.

For example, there is Amara Cosmetics. Amara Cosmetics is actually the first halal-certified company to be founded in North America. This brand is popular among Muslim women and features a huge offering that includes lip-glosses, eye shadows, and foundations showcased in plain black tubes and compacts.

There is also Iba Halal Care, which is a cosmetics brand based in India. Iba Halal Care, just like Amara Cosmetics, focuses on selling not only halal but eco-friendly products including lipsticks, fragrances, and body lotions.

And for the women in the Middle East, there is OnePure- a cosmetic brand established by Canadian makeup artist Layla Mandi. Mandi and OnePure intend to carry the lavish core of global brands but without implicating the elements prohibited by Islamic law. OnePure has thirteen skincare products that include serums, toners, anti-aging creams, cleansers, lotions, and eye creams, which are all packaged in pastel pink and white containers.

Muslims are no longer deprived of the makeup and beauty products that they could use to beautify themselves thanks to these halal makeup and beauty products from Amara Cosmetics, Iba Halal Care, and OnePure!




How To Make Your Brows Fuller

In 2015, we bid our goodbye to the narrow and high-arc brow style. We are now in the era of filled and darker brows. If you’re one of the women who are still testing the waters and finding ways to make your brows fuller and darker, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the different methods you can use in filling your brows.

Eyebrow pencil. Most consider this as the standard way to fill in their brows. To use this method, start applying at the center of the brow and slowly work toward the brow tip and then back toward the beginning of the brow. Ideally, you are to follow the shape of your brow (but if you don’t want your brow’s shape, then consider reshaping the brow first). When defining the underside of the brow, apply a bit of pressure to add emphasis, but when filling between the brow hairs, use a lighter stroke. After this, use your brow brush to soften and mix the color. In using the eyebrow pencil, it is important to note that some produce a hard-look brow hair. To avoid this, make sure to use a pencil that has a smooth, light texture, and soft and dry finish, such as the Maybelline’s Brow Satin pencil.

Powder eye shadows. When using this method, remember to choose the shades that closely match the color of your brow for best results. There could be several brown shades in your palette, but use the one that’s closest to your brow color. The process in using this is just the same when using the eyebrow pencil. However, you might want to watch out for the powder that might fall on your nose or cheeks! Don’t worry; these can be removed using a jumbo fan brush (or any clean brush!). You can also dust your cheeks or nose first with translucent powder before doing your brows. Once done, simply brush the powder off. There are plenty of powder eye shadows, and one of the bests is the Urban Decay’s Brow Box.

Tinted brow mascara. This is relatively a new approach to brows in making the brows fuller and darker. Just like the two methods above, this also adds color and definition to your brows. But unlike the other two, brow mascara gives more control. These keep your brows in a controlled and brushed-up shape; brow mascara builds up each individual brow hair, and this gives a new level of thickness.

To use this, roll your brush first on a clean tissue paper. This would remove the excess bits that you don’t need in filling your brows. Michelle Villett from Beauty Editor explained that there two ways to apply tinted brow mascara. The first one is called the “One direction.”  This is method begins from the inner part moving across the outer tail by brushing the hairs using short strokes. The second one is the “Windshield wiper technique.” Here, you start at the tail of your brow, then brush in the opposite direction of the hair growth, moving towards the inner corner. Do the reverse afterwards. You can continue this process until you’ve achieved your desire final shape. If you decide to use this method, there are many brands to choose from, such as Clinique Just Browsing Brush-On Styling Mousse, Yves Saint Laurent Couture Brow, and Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel.

If none of these methods suits your needs, then consider using this last option: combination. For example, you could use a pencil and a powder. The pencil can give you the control and definition, and the powder can give the softer and shaded look. On the other hand, you can also use powder with brow mascara. You can shape the brow first using the powder. Then, finish the detailing using the brow mascara. Most say that this combination is particularly useful if you have bald spots in your eyebrow or want to extend the end of your brows to frame your eyes better.

These are just four methods, but there are others more you could try! For now, which among the pencil, powder, brow mascara, or combination would you like to use in filling your brows? Let us know in the comment section.

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