What To Know About Convection Ovens?

Innovation has truly made our home more diverse. Before, we only have the oven. Now we have the oven toaster, the microwave oven, and the convection oven. Most of us are familiar with the oven toaster and the microwave oven, but what is a convection oven?

Food enthusiasts explain that the convection oven is the “scientifically-oriented” member of the oven clique. Technically, all ovens are convection ovens because convection, scientifically defining, is the natural circulation of heat created by differences in temperatures, which is observed in all types of ovens. But the “convection ovens” that we have these days feature an equal circulation of heat through use of fan, which the other ovens lack. With this equal circulation, cooking and roasting are made faster. However, not all foods are best to be cooked with similar heat. For instance, cookies and breads are best baked in a more humid environment, and since a convection oven dries out the oven much speedier, it is best to bake cookies and breads without the convection on (some ovens have the convection feature, which means they have the “fan,” that could be turned on and off).

One of the known units when it comes to convection oven is the Breville BOV800XL Smart Convection Oven. Like many other convection ovens, the BOV800XL unit is capable of baking, roasting, broiling, toasting, reheating and warming, and mostly whatever that you need to do in the kitchen when cooking.

Its digital display lights up in blue when not in use and turns to orange when pre-heating. It also has nine easy pre-set functions, which include Toast, Bagel, Bake, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookie, Reheat, Warm. Moreover, the unit has three dials. One is for choosing the function, another is for setting the temperature, and the last is for putting the time. The unit also has default settings for the Bake and Roast functions. For instance, if you choose the Bake function, the oven will automatically set the heat to 325°F and the time to 30 minutes, but these are still adjustable.

What sets this convection oven apart from the other convection ovens is its IQ Element technology, and this involves the five-quartz heating elements that work independently. The IQ Element technology automatically adjusts the time depending on the heat already present inside the oven. For instance, if you are using the Toast function and the oven is already warm after one cycle of toasting, then expect the second toasting cycle’s time to be less.

Not only these, the unit also comes with an auto eject wire rack, pizza and baking pan, a broil rack, and a crumb tray. And its overall look is sleek and classy!

Should you wish to grab your own Breville BOV800XL Smart Convection Oven, here is a table to guide you on how long and how hot you need when cooking the following food:

Food Temperature Time
Biscuits 400º F 9 minutes
Cream Puffs 370º F 54 minutes
Cupcake 330º F 13 minutes
Loaf Cake 330º F 40 minutes
Soufflé (in a hot water pan) 330º F 37 minutes
Macaroni and Cheese 350º F 28 minutes
Whole Chicken 375º F 30 minutes

So are you now more acquainted to oven toaster and microwave oven’s sister convection oven? Ae there any other information that I should know about this? Write these below in the comment section. 🙂





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