Nobody, nobody, but you

For a person who works with a laptop five days a week and almost eight hours a day, I fall short in understanding how this machine really works aside from MS word and the occasional use of Google Chrome, but every time there’s a glitch, you’re always there ready to fix. You’re always there to answer my question why the Internet is slow, why my Mac does this and that, and why there are pop ups everywhere. You’ve extended your aid to constantly updating my laptop, cleaning it, and checking it up. Most of the times you are also my run-to-guy whenever my phone does not charge or why my phone hangs. Listing these things up made me chuckle a bit. I thought that between the two of us, I’m the one you could not live without (because haller and ganda ko lang char), but now I ask myself, “Where would I be without you?” Who would call PLDT and berate them about the slow connection? Who would download updates and wait for them to finish loading in my laptop? Who would answer my questions about how and why this and that don’t work? And who would tell me from time to time to rest and not be too hard on myself? Nobody, nobody, but you.



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