Which Sunglasses Should You Wear?

Sunglasses have made its way as an official part of our daily accessories. And while there are a lot of sunnies to choose from, using the one that best suits you adds more to your overall look. So which sunglasses should you use?


First, know your face shape. There are four most common shapes: heart, round, oval, and square. If you’re unaware about your face shape, you could ask a friend, or you could trace your face using a mirror and any water-based marker. To do the second option, tie your hair making sure that you can clearly see your face. Then, face the mirror. Using your water-based marker, trace your face’s shape using your reflection seen in the mirror. Once done tracing, compare your face shape with these descriptions and find out the best sunglasses for you!

Face Shape Descriptions Sunglasses
Heart shape This shape entails having a broad forehead with pointed and narrow chin and high cheekbones. Some of the known actors with heart-shaped face are Justin Timberlake,

Ryan Gosling,

Reese Witherspoon, and the Olsen twins.


People having heart-shaped face could use retro square, cat eye, or

Sporty-framed sunglasses. This is because any frames wider on the top than the bottom compliment well the shape.



Round shape A round face includes full cheeks and rounded chin, with overall matching length and width. Known personalities with round face shape are Kirsten Dunst, Mila Kunis, Charlize Theron, Emma Stone, Kanye West, and Jack Black.


For this face shape, consider using retro square, cat eye, and square frames. Overall, pick oversized, rectangular, and angular frames because these set off the roundness of the face. You can also consider finding sunnies with strong details to divert attention from the face’s roundness to the shades, and finally nose pads to keep off cheeks, especially when smiling while wearing the shades.
Oval shape Known as the most versatile face shape, an oval shape features a face that is longer than wide; high cheekbones and chin narrower than forehead are also its attributes. Famous people having this shape are Beyonce, Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, and Adam Sandler.


While all frames are fine with a person with an oval-shaped face (thus its being versatile), round, aviator, and oversized frames are the best. But if you want to explore other frames, just take note to choose frame size that maintains balance, so get a sunnies that is not too big and not too small.


Square shape This face shape has a prominent jaw and broad forehead and cheekbones. Observe this shape by looking at the faces of Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt,

Arnold Schwarzenegger,

Lucy Liu, and Olivia Wilde.


Since the square shape is often thought of strong, to soften its features, it is best to use round, aviator, and shield frames. You can also opt for sunnies with thinner frames and neutral colors because these flatter the angular features.

Do you agree with the ideas above? Share your thoughts about choosing shades in the comments section!



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