What To Expect In The New MacBook Pro

This is a commissioned work for a UAE-based blog Snappo (http://snappo.ae/) written last August 28, 2016.

MacBook Pro’s Refresher hiatus is about to end! Rumors came out that Apple would release its refreshed MacBook Pro on this year’s last quarter that would entail several changes in the unit. While there are MANY speculations, here are the major changes the consumers need to know:


It has been known that MacBooks are reliable in terms of speed, so the alleged alterations to the 2016 MacBook Pro processor to make it even better is fascinating. It is said that from the fifth-generation Broadwell chips used in the current MacBook Pro, the sixth-generation Skylake chips would be used. The shift in the processing unit would assure speed improvements and longer battery life.


Another one of the biggest changes expected to be seen in the 2016 MacBook Pro would be its use of the OLED display touch bar. This would replace the physical function keys presently seen at the top of the unit’s keyboard (F1 to F12). Thus, instead of tapping keys to adjust brightness or volume, the user simply needs to tap the display touch bar.

Not only would the OLED display touch bar replace the functions keys, these are also rumored to be adjustable. The displayed buttons could change depending on the app being used. So if you were on Spotify, the buttons could be the play, next, or replay. These would change, too, if you were using other apps.

Rumors also suggested that the 2016 MacBook Pro would be thinner than the current model with slighter edge curves. Some said that its shape would be tapered, just like the MacBook Air’s, but there are sources that are early to refute this. If in any case, the 2016 MacBook Pro would look a bit more like the new MacBook released last year. Lastly, the pressure-sensitive part of the track pad is also said to be wider.

It is unsure which path these changes are geared upon, but they sure somehow show promising details to make the laptop lighter than its current counterpart, which is a thumbs up.


Securing the laptop would also take another level in the 2016 MacBook Pro with its inclusion of the Touch ID, which is more common on iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6s. This is the technology that requires only the user’s fingerprint to unlock the laptop. This would be built into the unit’s power button, which would also be a part of the new OLED display touch bar.


Have you ever experienced being tangled with wires? This is one of the issues that the 2016 MacBook Pro would address through its purported use of USB C port. The current MacBook Pro has different ports for its charger and hard drives, and using these while in a hurry could be irritating. With USB C port, users would only need one USB cable for transferring files from hard disks, charging.

So to recap, here are the changes that we expect to see in the 2016 MacBook Pro:

  • Sixth-generation Skylake chips
  • OLED display touch bar
  • Thinner design
  • Touch ID sensor
  • USB C port

Would all of these be worth it considering its estimated cost of 4,644 AED? We’ll know soon.




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