Things to Know About The New iOS 10

Apple did not just unveil the iPhone 7 the past weeks; it also launched a new update- the iOS 10. Apple claims that this is their biggest update ever, but how “big” is “biggest”? Let’s find out by going through the changes this new iOS will do to our iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.


  1. Have you ever experienced using Siri only to be misheard? Did you say “Faster!” but got “Fatter!”? In the past iOS, users are asked to manually type out the correction. With iOS 10, users can now easily tap on the written spoken phrase, and Siri will provide several other guesses as to what it thought you said.
  2. Command Siri for a selfie, and the front-facing camera would be turned on ready to capture your smile (or pout!).


  1. Siri automatically flags where you are when driving. When you stop, Siri drops a pin, so you can easily locate the place again.
  2. With a little help from Google Maps, you can now ask Siri to help you avoid toll roads.
  3. Maps could be confusing especially with the routes you do not take often appear in the maps everyday. With the update, customizing Transit to ignore routes you do not take or prefer is now possible!
  4. Tell people where you are quickly by pressing firmly on the Maps icon to trigger 3D Touch or by tapping on your GPS locator inside Maps itself.


  1. Fast action is better. When messaging, simply swipe left on a message in the new threaded view to reveal quick actions that include flag, reply, and trash.
  2. Getting organized has never been this easy. If you receive a lot of GIFs and ZIPs from time to time, sort them out by tapping the Info button in a Messages conversation; scroll down; the images and attachments will be sorted into two different categories.
  3. Mail has a new feature: Complete Threads. This lets you view messages in the thread, including sent emails. This also lets you sort messages to your personal preference.
  4. Proactive suggestions never stop! iOS 10 has a feature that identifies subscription emails. This will present you with a flag that you can tap to automatically unsubscribe from that list (that is if you would want to).


  1. 3D Touch on an app that supports widgets and you will get a preview of the widget and the option to quickly add it, along with the usual 3D Touch shortcuts.
  2. Use 3D Touch when restoring a device or installing multiple new apps to get a ‘Prioritize Download’ option letting you save waiting around.
  3. With iOS 10, you can now remove any stock app you don’t want, such as Stocks. This is also applicable with third party apps.
  4. The Photos app now supports Mail’s Markup extension, which allows you to draw on your screenshots or images, add banners, and do more.


  1. iOS 10 now removes downloaded tracks you haven’t listened to after a predefined period, and this would let you free up the much needed space! To do so, go to Settings > Music > Downloads. They can always be re-downloaded later through Smart Downloads.
  2. In partnership with Apple Music, a customized weekly playlist of new music is introduced based on what you listen to and enjoy. Ideally, the Favorites Mix is updated every Friday. You can also save the playlist to your local collection if you enjoy it.
  3. View the lyrics of the song you are listening by opening the miniplayer fully then swiping up to view (or hide) lyrics.


  1. With iOS 10, the camera mode that automatically kills any music recording from the device the moment it is opened is over and done. You can now play music while using the camera. (Of course, there’s still an option to stop the music if you want to record a video or Live Photo.)
  2. iOS 10 empowers the camera even more! This can now be used as a magnifying glass through the Accessibility options, which enables super-zoom, flashlight, brightness and contrast filter, and more.
  3. In using the camera, 3D Touch the Camera icon on the homescreen to bring up specific shooting modes.


  1. There’s a new tab under clock: This defines the typical times you go to bed, wake up, and the length of sleep you prefer. From these, reminders are given along with tracking your sleeping habits viewed in the Health app.
  2. In the Control Center, owners of 3D Touch enabled iPhones can simply do a long press to bring up 1, 5, 20 and one-hour timer options.


  1. By simply long pressing on the Tab View button, you can close all tabs. For iPhones, an extra step is needed; once Tab View is open, long press “Done.”
  2. Notifications could also be removed at once through the 3D Touch. Press the X at the top of the list longer, and you will get a ‘Clear All’ option. Say goodbye to a week’s worth of Facebook notifications.


  1. Want to know whether the receiver of your message have read your messages? iOS 10 lets you know that! This can send notifications for when the messages to other iMessage users have been read.
  2. Make writing your messages more fun by adding images and stickers! Tap the App Store icon. Swipe to an images page and search for anything you want. To save, go to Settings > Messages > Enable Low Quality Image Mode.
  3. Stickers can now be zoomed in or out!
  4. Grasping words and meanings is made easier! Highlight a word in iOS 10 and ‘Define’ will show. This replaced “Look Up,” and now includes a wider option to search for the term in the App Store, Apple Music, online search or Wikipedia. You can also opt for a third party app support for this, too. 


  1. Storage is just one of the many things we all want to hoard. With iOS 10, this could be done easier. How? Animated stickers and wayward GIFs could be turned to Low Quality Image in Settings > Messages.
  2. iOS 10 requires you to physically press the home button to unlock the devices. However, if you do not prefer this, alter this setting by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and enable “Rest Finger to Open” to get the old method (Touch ID fingerprint scanner ) back.
  3. 3D touch the calculator icon in the Control Center to copy the answer to your last calculation, saving your precious time.
  4. 3D Touch on the flashlight icon to get low, medium, and high brightness options.

Did I miss anything that iOS 10 changed or added to our iDevices? Let me know in the comment section!


This is a commissioned work for a UAE-based blog Snappo (


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