Laundry Hacks You Should Know

Washing machines have made our life easier when it comes to doing our laundry. With these, no more hand washing that irritates our hands, causes backaches, and eats our time. We have also bid goodbye to hanging of wet clothes and relying to mister sun for drying. But did you know that laundry, even with the use of the washing machine, could still be made easier? Yes, it can with these laundry hacks!


Stain Removal

Sometimes, simply using the washing machine does not remove all stains. In this case, there are a lot of products, which you can find at your home, that you can use to help do the job! For example, when removing simple stains, use hand sanitizer or hairspray. Simply apply the hand sanitizer or hairspray to the affected area and wait for ten minutes. After this, you can wash the clothe normally in the washing machine! On the other hand, if your clothes have grease stains, then use chalk or baby powder because these will help absorb the grease. Simply rub the chalk or baby powder to the grease stain before placing the clothes in the washing machine. Do you sweat a lot? If yes, then sweat stains could be your typical enemy. Worry no more because these can easily be removed by mixing lemon and baking soda and applying to the stain. Let the clothe with the mixture sit for an hour before washing it. Finally, if you are into painting, then the paint that gets into your clothes will not be a concern anymore because alcohol could remove this! Just apply lots of alcohol and scrub gently to remove the stain. Then, wash the garment normally.

Dryer Magic

One of the distinct traits of newly washed cloths is its softness! To ensure this, you need not to use more fabric conditioners. A simple aluminum foil balled up in sheets placed in the dryer will do the trick!

Dryers dry clothes fast, but do you know that this can be made faster? You can! Place dry towel in the dryer with your clothes, and this will help absorb water. However, remember to pull the towel out after about fifteen minutes, so it will not contribute to the water in the dryer.

Washing Tricks

Have you ever lost a sock after doing the laundry and wondered where the other sock went? Say goodbye to the mystery of the missing sock! Place the socks inside a lingerie bag before placing in the washing machine.

Crisp white clothes are to die for. Why not? These exude freshness! To achieve that crisp white clothes, add one cup of baking soda per load of laundry.

One of the reasons clothes are washed is because of its odor. If your clothes have strong odors, then consider also adding one cup of baking soda per load of laundry. Baking sodas are known to eliminate strong odors, and this works well with detergent in getting the odors removed.


With these hacks used when washing your clothes, satisfaction is a sure outcome when you get your clothes out of your washing machine!



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