Kitchen Appliances That Will Help You Cut Prep Time

This is a commissioned work for a UAE-based blog Snappo ( written last August 28, 2016.

The act of balancing is difficult, so to make sure that nothing gets compromised, we find ways to expedite things, such as when cooking. Through the years, many appliances have surfaced to make cooking not just better but also faster. Below are three of these appliances:

Food processor

Manually cutting ingredients eats a lot of cooking time. To avoid this, there’s food processor. Physically, this looks like a normal blender. However, it does more wonders! This has interchangeable blades and disks that could slice, chop, and shred vegetables and fruits, grind items, such as nuts and spices, and mix and knead dough. Imagine the time you could save from manually preparing these ingredients that could be done with just a single press to a button!

Four-topper gas range

A two-topper gas range is commonly seen in the kitchen, and while this may mean that meals get done faster, it is still limited to two pans at a time. If you’re preparing three or more dishes, there’s still waiting time. So to eliminate this, having a four-topper gas range is an option that to be considered. Imagine having one pan for the chicken, for the rice, for the vegetables, and for the soup! No more waiting game!

Salad spinner

Health buffs often opt to eat salads whenever possible. However, eating the vegetables and fruits while still containing water from washing is not desirable. Not only does the water make the ingredients limp, this also hinders the salad dressing and oil to stick to the ingredients, especially the leaves. In the past, salad ingredients are dried using paper towels, yet this could take time. Imagine what else you can do if the salad ingredients would quickly dry by itself? This is where the salad spinner comes in. This is a kitchen tool used to wash and remove excess water from salad ingredients. It uses centripetal force to separate the water from the leaves. These are normally made from plastic that has an outer bowl with an inner removable strainer basket. Its cover fits around the outside bowl containing a spinning mechanism that causes the inside strainer to rotate rapidly. This drives the water though the strainer’s slits into the outer bowl. The salad spinner is generally easy to use and makes salad making faster.

Infrared oven

Despite its efficiency, owning the usual ovens might not be for everyone, especially if your house does not have a space for an in-wall oven installation. However, there are new ovens being introduced that does the same but require a smaller space. One of these is the infrared oven, such as the NuWave infrared oven. These are countertop rice-cooker like appliance that uses the combination of conduction, convection, and infrared, which cuts cooking time by a third. These do not require defrosting, pre-heating or ventilation, so you could just place the still solid frozen foods directly in the oven and start cooking right away!

Try these three appliances at your home, and you’ll never take long to get that dinner or lunch done.








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