Ironing Tips

Maintaining clothes these days takes more than washing and drying; there’s also the ironing. While some people might despise this task because of the heat, focus, and skill needed, crisp and wrinkled-free clothes are a must, especially when going out, so that leaves us no choice but to iron that piece of clothe. But for those who see ironing as something truly uninspiring, there are tips to follow making ironing faster and easier.

For example, if you are running late for a meeting but still needs to iron out your OOTD, sweat no more because using an aluminum foil under the ironing board cover would help you make the task faster. The aluminum foil reflects the heat of the iron thus adding more heat and cutting the ironing time in half.

Next, switching from high temperature to low then back again to high could take time, and in this era when time is more precious than ever, it would be best to iron garments beginning from those needing the lowest temperature then slowly moving to those requiring the highest. If you are unaware of which clothing should use the lowest and highest temperatures, you can check your iron’s manual, or simply begin with the synthetics, followed by satin, then linen, and finally cottons. If you are unsure about the temperature, do not worry because dry irons, such as the Black+Decker New Black & Decker Heavyweight Classic Iron Dry Clothing Flat Iron Model F54, normally have the Fabric Select Dial, which lets you easily choose the right temperature for your fabric.

Thirdly, we have the steam. The use of steam, which was done before via kettle, is one of the most effective ways to remove creases. However, who still has time to boil water and steam clothes? Practically, no one, but that does not mean creases have to be part of our get up. So to use steam without the kettle, there are irons with steam, such as the Philips PerfectCare Azur Steam Iron GC4919. By using irons with steam, softening tough creases in most types of fabric is easier and faster. Steam irons with a large number of steam holes are also better because these would produce fuller steam bursts that make removing the wrinkles faster.

Then, there is the wattage consideration. Here is the basic idea: the higher the wattage, the more heat. More heat means more efficiency thus lesser time you need ironing your clothes. Check out the Rowenta DW9230 Ferro Vapore Steam Iron that has the huge 2750 wattage.

Lastly, pick an iron with non-stick soleplates. Some irons in the market are made up of stainless steel or aluminum. While these transfer heat well, these are difficult to clean often requiring scrubbing to remove built-up starch or any dirt. If we rarely find time to iron, then most probably cleaning it is another dilemma, too. Not too fast. Non-stick soleplates are easier to clean; simply use a nylon pad with water and soap, and then wipe the iron’s bottom with it, and you’re done! A good example of an iron using non-stick soleplates is Black & Decker F210 Steam Iron With Nonstick Soleplate.

It is unsure whether these tips make ironing a less uninspiring task, but these surely make removing wrinkles and creases and making your outfit crisp and neat an easy feat. Do you know any other tips? Leave a comment to let me know. 🙂




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