Educational Gadgets For Children

This is a commissioned work for a UAE-based blog Snappo ( written last August 28.

In this back-to-school season, there’s nothing more that parents want for their children than to cultivate their knowledge. Apart from sending them to good schools, parents could do more in ensuring this—equipping the children with apt gadgets that would make their learning or studying better!

For those that have preschool children, the LeapPad 3 is perfect to teach them the basics! Most parents are hesitant to hand their little ones tablets because of the issues these present. However, there are some brands that are proven to be child-friendly, such as the LeapPad 3. This is made by LeapFrog, which has been known in making awesome gadgets for the little ones. The LeapPad 3 is the next-generation LeapPad tablet for kids, which is currently sold for AED 485. Designed for kids not older than 9 years, the tablet comes with built-in tutorials, custom spelling and math lists, and peer-to-peer play. This also has free 10 educational apps, which value sits at AED 250. LeapPad 3 has a 5-inch capacitive screen with 480×272 resolution. It operates on built-in lithium ion that lasts for six hours. It has 4GB memory. Finally, LeapPad 3 has 2MP front and back camera and 480p video recording capacity. With all of these, parents can capture their little one’s attention and make learning more fun!

Math is no longer the same ten years ago. These days, kids are faced with more complicated problems than ever, and it’s pretty distressing for parents to see their kids get frustrated. Good thing there are new devices that they can use to avoid this! One of these is the digital blade protractor. With digital blade protractor, children who have geometry classes would never have to guess an angle again, as it measures them with more accuracy than the half circle most of kids use these days. The rulers are made of stainless steel, and this makes the protractor very durable. With the motherboard inside it, students can measures angles to one decimal place, with a digital accuracy of ±0.3 degrees. It has a clamping screw to lock the blades at the angle of choice, so students can have a look at the small display to see the correct angle. Parents can get these for their children at AED 183. This device might be the key to the students’ A+ in geometry!

A great deal of learning happens in lectures. Yet, there are times when teachers could be out of the students’ pace when they share lessons; they could be slower or, worse, faster. At these times, taking down notes, listening, and understanding all at the same time could be exceedingly overwhelming. In the past, there’s nothing we can do about unclear ideas except for consultation or tutoring with the teacher after class. But that’s the past. Today, there are several devices that parents could give their studying children to help with this, such as the Livescribe Echo Smartpen. The Livescribe Echo Smartpen is a combination of a ballpoint pen and voice recorder, which is sold at AED 669. In essence, this preserves digital copies of notes and recordings, which can be replayed, saved to the computer, and shared with others. The pen has its own internal memory, which is where the written and recorded data are saved. These data could be replayed through the pen’s built-in speaker or transferred to any Mac or PC using the free Livescribe desktop software. Imagine the aid this could give the students? They could replay the parts they didn’t understand at first how many times they want.

Parents only want the best for their kids, and in this era of technological advances, the “best” learning could be possible through these three devices.






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