Celebrity Perfumes

The perfume business is currently a $46-billion industry, and while vanity is a top reason for this success, we can not set aside the fact that one of the individuals to be thanked for in this are the celebrities who have decided to join the bandwagon, and this eventually lead in coining the term “celebrity perfumes.”

A few years ago, celebrities are simply endorsers of different perfume brands from Chanel No.5 with Marilyn Monroe to the more current endorsements of Lady Gaga for Noir Fragrance Shorts and Gucci’s Premiere with Blake Lively. However, more recently, celebrities have started making their own perfume brands, and from the statistics we have gathered, these considerably sell well.

Ten of the most popular celebrity perfume brands, as of June 2014 as posted in financesonline.com, are Someday by Justin Bieber ($3 Million), Antonio by Antonio Banderas ($13.4 Million), Unforgivable by Sean John (17.2 Million), Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani ($18 Million), Fancy by Jessica Simpson ($18 Million), White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor (61.3 Million), Reb’l Fleur by Rihanna (Projected $80 Million), Curious by Britney Spears ($100 Million), Glow by JLo ($300 Million), and Heat by Beyonce ($400 Million).

While these celebrity perfume brands hold millions in sales, there has been a decline in celebrity perfume sales, reports say. Several reasons are thought to cause the decline, but a compelling one lies in the explanation of fragrance expert Michael Donovan: culture has changed.

Celebrity perfumes are primary sold for their scents, but let us not discount the fact that they sell well also because of their names. And this has been the culture for the longest time- consumers are more concerned of the brand. Whatever is known will surely get sold. However, people from the 21st century are said to be more individualistic- pursuing and celebrating individuality on every aspect possible. This is where celebrity perfumes fall short. Because celebrity perfumes are mass-produced, it is difficult to celebrate individuality when using one. Thus, more and more consumers are getting hooked on using artisan perfumes, and this, little by little, take away from the celebrity perfume’s market share.

So are celebrity perfumes worth the price? They are! They offer good scents and are actually comparable to the usual perfumes sold in the market. For instance, Someday by Justin Bieber is sold at $65, which is almost similar to Cédrat Enivrant from Atelier Cologne (30ml) and BOSS Bottled (50ml), which are both sold at $65, too.

But should you buy celebrity perfumes? It depends on you essentially. If you’re into brands, then perhaps celebrity perfumes is one of the best buys for you. Not only are these branded, these are brands made by the most famous people in the country. On the other hand, if you’re like some of our fellas who have the 21st century’s mindset of individuality, then smelling like most people, which celebrity perfumes could probably do, could be not for you, so try using those artisan perfumes instead.





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