Happy Independence Day!

I’m an independent woman, and there are points in my life that I would tell myself, “Nothing was given to me. All that I have, my work, my car, the things I get to enjoy, and the places I get to visit, are all fruits of my labor.” Sometimes, I take pride knowing this. Other times, I loathe the fact that there’s no one to hand me things I want– that my work and sacrifice are often required. In these moments where I begin to question “Why?” I am met with the gentle truth that there are many things in my life that were given albeit not entertaining they may be for me- my education was given, my family was given, my strength for today was given, and my family’s good health is always always given. Indeed, gratefulness does not come from having what I want. It isn’t also about wanting what I have. It is the sheer fact of appreciating the little things that no one, not even me, but life and God hand to me.


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