I’m that Girl.

I’m that girl with astronomical visions. I’m that girl who grew up planning every stage of life as it is from schooling, testing, graduating, and working. I’m that girl who once told herself that someday “I’ll be big. I’ll make huge impacts. I’ll make my parents and all other people who know me so proud.” I’m that girl filled with aspirations and high hopes for the future. But I’m also that girl who tripped. I’m also that girl who once met Love gave and fold in all at once. I’m that girl who got knocked up out of a connubial rite. I’m that girl who got compelled to wed because of the “mistake,” which I still don’t know if I regret or not. I’m that girl who decided to settle down even if there was just so little to settle. And while I’m that girl that’s happily taking care of a husband and a daughter, I’m that girl who sometimes questions if the universe willfully directed my life or if it robbed me of my chances at choices. I’m that girl that’s okay being okay. But I’m also that girl who’s at the end of the day stares at the ceiling and says, “I’m the woman.”


I’ll never be the girl that I want to be because life has transformed me to the woman I ought to be.


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