Dakak 2016

Last Holy Week, we attended a good friend’s wedding in Dapitan, a seven-hour-drive town away from Zamboanga City. Since we were already in the vicinity, we decided to seize the opportunity and squeeze in a mini-vacation in Dakak.

Husband and I had been in Dakak in 2010 when we were still boyfriend-and-girlfriend. On our return, we brought our daughter Cinnamon with us!

For some, Dakak would seem expensive, but for me, it is reasonably priced. We booked a cabin at 4,100 for the first night; the second night we got at 1,999. This already includes free set breakfast for two and free ride-all-you-can pass at Fantasyland at Gloria de Dapitan (amusement park).

What can I say? Just like our first time there, I super loved the place! It was serene and pristine. The white sand beach was perfect for my little family to play and build whatever we thought we were building! Haha The cold water in the sea inimitably matched the heat of the sun. Cinnamon had fun swimming in the open water that at one point she told me, “Don’t hold me, momma.” What a brave little soul! My husband decided to rent snorkeling gears, and to our delight, even in the shallow parts of the sea, there were fishes! I saw two medium-sized white with small stripes fishes and one black with what appeared to be gray stripes fish! Husband pushed a bit more, and he said he saw a pufferfish. Yay! Scared to get stung, we decided to head back to the shore. There, we scrutinized the stones. To our surprise, more of them were not stones but hermit crabs! We collected some and played with them then put them back into the water.



It was not just the beach that we enjoyed, we also loved the food! On out first visit, our top choice was the Seafood Basket. Almost every meal, we ordered it! Haha! This time, we tried different dishes, such as the Kilawing Tanigue, Sizzling Bangus, Seafood Soup, and Baked Oysters among others. Prices range from 200 to 500 depending on the viand.


While I loved the beach and the food, I could not say the same with Fantasyland at Gloria de Dapitan. For starters, the park opened at six. If guests have cars, they can opt to be there upon opening. On the other hand, those who don’t have cars could use the free shuttle, but it is only available at 8PM. The bus ride was the worst ride of all. Nakakahilo sobra! I’m not sure if it was because of the bus, the driver, or the road. Whichever it was, it sure somehow sapped my energy because by the time we were in Fantasyland at Gloria de Dapitan,  I was not interested with the rides anymore. But to maximize our time there, we indulged in some kiddie rides para naman makaenjoy si Cinnamon. 🙂

We did not wait until 11PM, which was the supposed return time. We went back to our cabin at 10PM.

The cabin, on the other hand, is fair. Ours had two beds– one double and one single-sized bed. It also had a spacious washroom, ref, television, and AC. The resort was also generous enough to place a sofa and a center table.  Outside the  cabin was a veranda where guests could lounge (or sampay their basang damit haha). I don’t have pictures (sorry!), but it looked like a normal cabin to me. 🙂

Overall, I loved our mini-vacation, and I think if people want to relax by the beach, Dakak is surely one of the few places to go!



Here’s our expenses:

Gas (from Zamboanga City to Dakak RT)–2,700

Room Accommodation (3 days-2 nights)–6,000

Food for the entire stay (for me, husband, and Cinnamon)–3,500

Snorkeling Gears– 250





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