Two Things I would Like To Accomplish This Year

Having a New Year’s Resolution is too valiant because I know that by the end of January, I have forgotten my list already. Haha. So, to be more realistic, I have set two things that I would like to accomplish before this year ends. Yes- only two. Para mas madaling ma-achieve!

  1. Learn How To Drive. Husband and I bought our first car two years ago. While I am not the car/driver type of person, maybe because of my past bad experiences on the road, I still tried learning how to drive. However, I picked the wrong teacher- my husband. During our “lessons,” we would always end up fighting.

    Edison: Di ba sabi ko break? Me: Nagbreak na nga ako, dahan dahan lang! Edison: Mababanga na, dahan dahan pa ang break? Ano yun?! Me: Eh kasi sabi mo hindi maganda ‘pag biglang break! 

    After the incident where I almost hit a motor cycle, I stopped it (In my defense, he was over speeding and was going to do a wrong turn!). Plus, I fear being the designated driver during out-of-town trips, and the idea of losing my precious travel sleeps– noooo! But this year should be different. We are already in Zamboanga, so traffic is lesser evil, and husband has his work already, so I can’t have him as my personal driver. I would not opt to learn to drive had the weather here in Zambo is cool, but no. So ayun, driving lesson, here I come!

  2. Buy UP Shirts/Jackets. I’m a proud Iska myself, but I have never bought a single UP shirt. Okay fine, may isa– yung required shirt sa PE class ko. I’m not sure why, but I would like to think that it is because (1) during my time, these printed shirts and jackers were rare, and if one wants it, Diliman is the only place to go. Well, I studied in Los Banos, so the travel time is too loooonnnng; (2) there were some sellers in the vicinity of UPLB (Hi, Shapers!), but the designs were not good (sorry!), and the sizing was not my type. Remember those free sizes shirts, which students, especially girls, need to alter? And (3) when the shirt business hit my Alma Mater, I was already in Manila pursuing what they call “life.” So this year would be my year to buy UP shirts and jackets. I’m planning to make this an official part of my itinerary when I visit UPLB mid this year. I hope the sellers would have good designs!

See? My list is far from the usual New Year’s resolution! 😀 No losing weight, no traveling, no saving, no paasa goals! Haha My two goals are very much realistic and achievable! Wait as I post driving lesson photos and OOTDs using my UP shirts/jackets! xoxo


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