Burger Queens

I’m so excited, but I’ve no one to talk to right now, so here I am! Why am I excited? Well, primarily, my long-time dream of establishing my own burger joint is beginning to look a lot like reality. Yay!

Husband and I really want to open a resto. Initially, pasta and burger are the main menu; he’d take care of the burger, and I would handle the pasta. Recently, a mall opened in our small town, and boy oh boy, all people in my town appeared to be charmed by the mall! At that point I saw an opportunity to open up the business. But then reality hits me right in the face- I’m broke from the holiday season, so I don’t have capital.

But the Lord hears our prayers! A friend told me she’s interested in the business, and she’s willing to be my capital partner! Hooray! Now, all that I need to do is come up with the solid plan, canvas the rates, and finalize designs. It’s still a long way ahead, but hallelujah! At least, I’m beginning!

Today’s word in the prayer & fasting manual is all about having faith and claiming God’s blessings. And with that, I claim favors and success in this new venture! To God be the glory! 🙂


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