2015 Highlights

I would be lying if I would say that 2015 was not eventful; it was in its own. But being the lazy person that I am, I find it not amusing to list ALL of these events. Thus, I have decided to simply share the two biggest events of my 2015.

The first one would be Cinnamon attending school. She was only two when we enrolled her in a daycare centre, but we did not bother. Equipped with the goal of making her more sociable, we took the plunge. So there she was in June 2015, in McDonald’s Bahay Bulilit, starting her academic years. It was not easy. She did not want to wake up early, take a bath, and eat fast. She did not want our kasambahay to bring her to school, and she did not want to be left in the daycare. Yet with God’s grace, she’s doing all that after a couple of weeks. Hooray for that!

The second one would be Edison’s work. Ever since we relocated to Zamboanga City, Edison and I have been online workers: I as a writing tutor, and Edison as an online administrator. While I have no problem working online (because it pays soooo good and gives me a lot of personal time), Edison isn’t just for it. He wanted a normal work with normal working hours in a normal environment. But not all that we want are given to us. For three years, his ideal job appeared elusive. Not until last September when he received a call from Company X. From there, everything seemed whirlwind. He flew to Manila to train for two months (or more), and when he came back, he immediately started his work.  He’s now a branch manager in a store, and I could not be any more prouder. 🙂

I would like to think that it was not easy for me to pinpoint these two, but the truth is, it was! Surprisingly, the material possessions I got this year appealed less than these two milestones. Perhaps it is true that nothing is more valuable than the great things happening to people that matters to you. And for that, thank you 2015! 🙂


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