2015 Trips

In a few days, 2015 would end, and to welcome the New Year, I would like to look back on my trips that are truly memorable for me:

El Nido Trip

My college room mate, Nicole, got hitched in El Nido, and my daughter was one of the flower girls, so we flew to Palawan! While we lacked the proper preparations, such as booking of hotel and knowing the land travel duration, we enjoyed our stay there nonetheless. Why wouldn’t we? The place was pristine! The beaches’ sand were like baby powder! (for realzzz) The water was clear! (You know the photos in the net where the boat’s shadow is seen from below the water? It’s true!!) And the food was yummazing! (It was my first time to eat a yellow watermelon hihi) We will definitely go back there, but with proper prep works! Haha!

Zambales Trip

We went to Zambales with my mother-in-law with the purpose of visiting his ill brother. Sadly, he died the moment we arrived. It appeared as though he just waited for us. Of course the moment was very unfortunate, but it was memorable to me because I got to see the other side of my husband’s family. I met his cousins and uncles, and I get to live the life they live: simple, relaxed, yet happy. And above all, I got reminded of how short life is, and that we should maximise it aaaalll the time.

Manila Trip in October

Probably the highlight of my year (in terms of traveling), I traveled last October to attend my high school reunion. As mentioned in my prior entry, “it was a mix of fun, nostalgia, hope, openness, and new memories.” O get to see my previous teachers and classmates whom I have not seen in almost a decade! I’m really looking forward to our next reunion and the new adventures we would all embark together (or not :))!

Manila Trip in December

For the record, this is the most tiring trip of all. Good thing, it did not end there. Lol. I flew to Manila along with my husband’s family to attend their three-day family reunion (o di ba, andun ako, pero wala si edison hihi). After that, we visited the Ocean Park and chilled in Tagaytay. I would like to believe that the best part of this trip was bringing my entire in-law family to my Nanay’s house. Doing so added a different level to the idea of acceptance and knowing me and my family. Albeit my in-laws were not used to small houses, it was mirthful seeing how they adjusted.

So, there you go! The four memorable trips of my year 2015. 🙂


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