I have an Aileen inside me

I chanced upon a very nice blog, and it reminded me of my dream to live a life of traveling. The blog was encouraging, especially the part where the author shared her I-quit-my-job-to-travel story. For the nth time, I asked my self, “Am I capable of doing that?”

In my mind I answered “Yes.” Then, I saw my daughter sleeping right beside me. Then, I thought of my husband who’s at work. And I realised, yes, I am capable of leaving my job and traveling the places I want to, but I won’t. I won’t because I already have two wonderful people with me that make traveling less appealing.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I still love traveling, but the idea of doing it without my daughter and husband seems futile. I guess this is where the cliche comes in- the places a person visits are just mere places unless accompanied by special someones.

So, for the meantime, while my kid is young, and my husband is new at his work, I’d like to press the pause button for my dream to live a life of traveling. Or maybe I could make it “our” dream. Mag-carnival kaya kami? Chareth


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