Sem Break Vacay with Cinnamon

It’s been only hours since my daughter and I landed in Zamboanga City from our two-week vacation in Luzon, and I’m itching to write about it! By far, this has been one of the most productive vacations we’ve had because we were able to visit maaannnyy places and events! And these carry lessons, which I would like to share in this post.

Otis 10th Year Reunion: This is actually the primary reason why we flew to Manila– to attend a decade-promise to get together with my high school classmates. Unfortunately, I can’t find the exact words to describe it fully; it was a mix of fun, nostalgia, hope, openness, and new memories. My high classmates and I ate lunch along with our high school teachers at Max’s, and then we went to Pansol for an overnight retreat. While the event itself was memorable, the preparations done were even more indelible. The core team, which consists of Joe Mari, Oscar, JC, Donna, Ame, Cza, Leimer, Cassy, Rudolph, Ara, Ace, and yours truly, created a group chat where we did the everything– from planning, to fund raising, to booking, to confirming, to aligning! Whew! It was one hell-of-a-planning, I must say! My take away from this, both from the event and the planning stage, is that being with high school friends could never go wrong. Sure it would open some cans of worms, but at the end of the day, there is a realization that despite all the years, the time, and the changes, there are still people who would be there for you; there are still people who would know you beyond your college diploma (or the lack of it), your job, and what you have achieved or not achieved in life; there are still people that see you as you are no matter what. Luckily, for me, these “people” are my Otis friends!

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Manila Ocean Park: Thank goodness for Metrodeal, my family and I were finally able to grace this themed-establishment. I bought several vouchers from Metrodeal for P650, which allowed entry to Oceanarium, Dry Encounter with Sharks and Sting Ray, and Fish Spa. This also included lunch at Liquid Buffet. Apart from this, I also bought from Metrodeal vouchers for Yexel’s toy museum for P99/each. I was worried that we might not be able to tour all of the attractions booked, but we did, so yay! 🙂 We arrived at around 11 AM, so my eldest sister decided that we eat lunch first. After that, we moved to the Dry Encounter with Sharks and Sting Ray. It was actually my first time to see a sting ray! I even touched it! Lol We took pictures (a looooottt of them!! haha). After an hour or so, we started out walk to the Ocenarium where we were greeted with big fishes! Inside it are more fishes! (Eh ano pa nga ba? :P) They were pretty, and because I was too busy looking after my daughter, no photos here! Haha Our third stop was Yexel’s toy museum, which I did not quite enjoy because there were students na super kukulit at gugulo. Peace! Tired from all of these, we headed to the Fish Spa. I did not know that there was a time limit, so I was shocked when my name was called. Nonetheless, we did not adhere! Haha But I do not encourage others to do the same. Lol Since it was early and we were already done, we headed to MOA. Our service was not around, so we just rented a van for P350. Not bad. 🙂 In MOA, we strolled for a while, visited Edison, and ate dinner. My take from this is simple: family matters. Kahit saan ka pa makarating, lagi’t lagi dapat isipin ang pamilya, at paminsan-minsan, maglaan ng panahon para sakanila.

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Dinner with Nicole and Yan: The initial plan was to meet with Ina and Nowee then head to Nicole and Yan’s place for chika and dinner, but my Ina and Nowee were flakers, so it was only me who visited Nicole and Yan. I was supposed to bring my daughter, but she chose her Ate Jocelyn (kalaro) over me! huhu Charot Anyway, the visit was, what can I say, full of daldalan. Hahahahaha Nicole (Dev Comm) plus me (Comm Arts) Alam na! Char We talked about our current life, our life groups, our marriage, some snippets of the past, and future plans. Ang saya ‘ko lang kasi yung roommate ko dati na kasabay ko lumandi, kasal na din like me. And she married the man na nilalandi nya dati– just like me! Apir! My take from this is it is always nice to share your life with people that you love, and it pays to allot time with them. Sometimes, distance and changes separate people, but with dinners, chikahan, and visits like this, the separation could be mended and bridged.


Trick or Treat with Ate Chloe: I knew about the trick or treat event, but I did not plan on joining it because I thought I would be busy that day lol but I did join (well si Cinnamon technically) anyway. We did not have any costume on-hand, so we just bought one along the way. hihihi Super catchy yung costume ni Cinnamon. Darna! She enjoyed it. I knew it the way she ran along with her Ate Chloe, who wore a bee costume, and the way she laughed– yung parang wala nang bukas!  After that, I brought the kids to SM North. We inteded to visit Edison, but we got bored, so we played at Tom’s World. But then we got bored again, so we ate at Jollibee, which also felt boring, so we decided to head home. Haha My take away from this focuses on the kids– they need other kids, too!

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I have a lot of other things to share, but errands!! Haha BRB 🙂


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