A seven-year old purloined reflection

At first, he was someone. Someone she watched play the guitar. Someone who would walk her home at night. Someone who would eat meals with her. Someone who would put up with her stories and hullabos…

Then, he became her world. She started to know more about him. She talked to him a lot. She noticed how he smiles, how he talks, how he taps the table whenever they are waiting for their food. He became the reason she checks her phone every morning…

Then, he talked about Her. He told her about Her smile. He told her about Her family, about how she would not listen to the people around her. He told her how She would travel two hours just to get away from the city or just to be with him. He told her Her refined choices in life— Her style, music, hobbies…

Then, She became her world. She wanted what She has. She grew her hair longer. She had it straightened. She changed her choice of style, music, hobbies… She envisioned her self living in the city, much like the place She is in. She explored the malls to see the boutiques She shops in, the restaurants She dines in, and the places She likes. She blogs the way She does. She did not listen to other people like She does. She traveled away from her comfort place like She does for two or more hours…

They say she’s insecure. She says that’s her wanting him to talk about her. They say she should be her self. She says she’s willing to change if it means him looking her way. They say it’s pointless. She says try to wear her shoes, and see where it would bring them. They say she should stop this. She says what’s to stop, nothing has been started?


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