The Hungry Panda Experience

Was the Panda really hungry? Let’s find out with this quick review. 😀

June 22 was father’s day, so we decided to eat out and try Hungry Panda. 🙂


Hungry Panda is situated in Tetuan, Zamboanga City. It is near the Alavar Restaurant, so it is most likely impossible to not see. 🙂 The place is nice; it is a well-lighted, two-storey restaurant, and the interior is somewhat minimalist. On the walls, which are painted green, are photos of pandas. The tables are big; each could sit a minimum of four people. At the center of each table is a pot with soup ready to be heated. Despite the grill, the place is cool. Overall, I like the place and how it looks.


We were seated on the second level, so I was only able to see three of their crews, which were all polite and attentive. Since it was our first time to dine there, the crew who took our orders was kind enough to explain the menu (sorry naman! haha) therefore plus point! 😀 We brought Cinnamon with us, and with that comes a lot of extra requests: spoon and fork (our child does not know how to use chop sticks), bigger plate, baby chair (they don’t have! huhu), more tissue, and many more, which the crews accommodated very well. Technically, we were just two adults dining, but we ordered for four. We had a lot of left-overs that one of the crews gladly took to pack, so we could bring it home.


I haven’t had any experience with hot pot and smokeless grill, so I don’t have any clear standard aside from “masarap ba ang food” question, which I could answer with a big Yes. 🙂 We bought the starter set (P500), and this already includes noodles, vegetables, and a plate of mixed balls. I did not enjoy eating the balls from this set because they had these cute colors and designs– di ko sila kaya kainin! Very cute to eat!

FullSizeRender 4

Ball plate from the starter set. See those cutie thingy?

Anyway, we also ordered crab and corn, seafood sandwich, chili fish ball, and pork plate. The add ons’ prices range from P65 to P150. Of all, my favorite is the pork! Thinly sliced then boiled for 30 seconds to supreme yumminess! Haha! Next is the crab and corn then the veggies! They also gave us free appetizers (sweet and spicy dilis and raddish), which I super love! If you don’t like mix matching foods, they offer set meals, which costs P1,100. Our bill was P1,005 (we also ordered bottomless iced tea and rice for Cinnamon) that I could say is very sulit! If you would like your left-overs to be packed, they charge P10 for the container.

FullSizeRender 5

Appetizer x sauce

Overall, our Hungry Panda experience was A+. 🙂 We liked the place, the food, and the people making the price worth it. We also loved the fact the they accept reservations helping us avoid the waiting lines (esp dahil father’s day). So, was the Panda really hungry? I guess yes– kasi kami pala yung panda. Yay!


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