El Nido Wedding

Our good friends JC and Nicole tied the knot in El Nido, and we were fortunate to be invited. Cinnamon was the flower girl, and Edison was a proxy. The invitation was given to us during Cinnamon’s second birthday, but we did not prepare for it until late November  (the wedding was in January!! yay!!)

Despite the cost, which we could have managed had we plan the trip well, it was one of the most beautiful weddings we have attended. It was simple yet touching. The ceremony was held in Papaya Island— one of the private islands in El Nido. All of the invited people met at Stunning Vistas, where the reception was held. We were brought to Papaya Island via 20-minute boat ride. When we arrived, JC, the groom, was there waiting, sitting on the beach together with Sven, their NFF (new-found-friend), wearing only his Khaki shorts, which he also used in the ceremony, while having his long hair flow to his left shoulder (the best waiting groom I’ve ever seen!). We were laughing at the boat, and one of us even said, “Alam ba ni JC na kasal nya?” Lol

Upon docking, we proceeded to the ceremony area where benches were already erected along with the ark-ish where the couple would stay. We just added some flowers and twigs, which we got from the trees there, to clearly set the aisle where Nicole would walk. After a few minutes, the bride arrived! She was beautiful in her plain but super backless white dress, braided blonde hair decorated with floral head dress, and gold necklace. Most weddings use cars to bring the bride, but my friend did not— she used a boat (shempre) haha.


(The beautiful bride)

Then the ceremony began. It was lovely and very intimate. Since we were just almost 20 (or 30?), the pastor did not use any mic. It was like when someone is sharing in small groups. 🙂 The preaching was good, and the vows were really sweet. I almost shouted amen when Nicole said, “Wala naman talagang forever. Pero merong lifetime.” Di ba? Huehue


(The couple saying their vows.)

The ceremony was made even funner by the merienda that the coordinators brought. San ka nakakita ng wedding na super relaxed ang mga bisita? I mean, we were eating boiled bananas and drinking soft drinks and the super sarap buko juice while listening, holding our tears, and taking photos? It was really far from the usual weddings (no offence meant!) 🙂


(Ang saya lang namin diba?)

At the end of it all, I just realised that weddings need not to be super big to be beautiful. Of course big weddings have their edges, but small and intimate weddings, like JC and Nicole’s, also have something to offer—  these offer the realisation that more than the preparations and the intricate details, like venue, food, entourage, and number of guests, it is truly the love and the commitment of the couple that really matters, along with the support of the family members and friends. And for that, thanks Yan and Cole! We hope to attend your 25th wedding anniv! 🙂


PS Photos used are not mine. Credits given to Photos by Hefty Designs (Alexis Flores & Gio Marasigan).


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