Hello world!

So, to what do I owe the sudden urge to start a blog?

Well, this isn’t “sudden” sudden. I have been wanting to put up my blog ever since I was in high school when all I knew were Multiply and Friendster. Because I thought of my self as a very good writer, I thought, “Why not have my blog where I can share everything?” I was excited and enthusiastic. Then, college happened. Surrounded with all the valedictorians from all over the country, I was forced to face the truth that just because I thought I was good that in fact I was really good. When I met my college friends, instructors, and professors, I realised, I wasn’t good. Hell I wasn’t even near “good.” (If you watched That Thing Called Tadhana, you could see the resemblance of my experience with JM de Guzman’s. Oh well, who didn’t feel the same?) Thus, the dream blog was put to a pause.

It’s been a decade since that pause, but I decided to end it today. Not because I feel and I am sure that I am good writer, but because I feel that I have something to share. As a mom living a frugal life, I always check reviews and blogs about things I want to invest in or try– food, clothes, places, etc. And this habit is one of the few reasons why I am here now.

This blog would be about my experiences: visiting new places, meeting new people, eating and cooking food, and trying other fun things in life. Here, I promise to be as informative as I could. Not only will I share the amusement, but I will also put into words the dos and donts (and the how-much!). Of course I will note some of my “feels” from time to time. 🙂 So, that’s me! Welcome to Jenra Shares! 🙂


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